Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chocolate Meringue Cake

Start with making two chocolate cakes, one big and one smaller.

Whip up some egg whites into meringue.

Once cake cools, pile on the meringue. I decided to use meringue to cover the cake because it's healthier than butter cream! Plus, I don't own any butter.

Make it look fierce with some spikes!!!

Use meringue to pipe on the birthday boy's name! Happy Birthday, David! I originally wanted the cake to be in the middle of the pan, but the cake fell to one side of the pan when I lifted it up...soooo it gave me the idea to write "David" on the side and add more meringue art!!

I wish I had a kitchen blow torch to do this next step so I get a prettier meringue cake. But it still worked out fine with a hot oven. I had to physically hold the cake up close to the top of the oven to brown the meringue!!! Rotating the cake a few times, holding it side all works!!

This is the first cake that I've made. Plus, it's the first baked good that I made using my birthday present! My KitchenAid stand mixer!!! woohooo!!!! Totally love it!

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