Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creepy Crawly Sushi

Sushi for lunch. And yes, those are real crab pincers you see there. Real tiny pincers. I got them when I was in Bangkok over the summer. The locals eat tiny crabs as a snack. Very crunchy, sweet, salty and spicy. They add a creepy crawly look to the rather normal looking sushi that I made! hahaha
Sushi filling includes bean sprouts, fried eggs and pork meat floss (which I also got from Bangkok!). They tasted good! But I do need to work on making them look tastier!! :P
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Pomer-Limeade Ice Tea

Anything in a mason jar looks delicious and homemade, well, at least to me. I got myself 12 of these jars and I can't wait for Christmas to come round so I can fill them up with goodies and send them off as gifts!
In this mason jar, we have a refreshing ice tea that matches my pink nails! woohoo! It's a pomegranate limeade ice tea.
Pomegranates are such a beautiful fruit, inside and out. It not only looks good, but it's yummy and healthy too! This is my kind of fruit!! :) 
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