Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taro Cake

Grandma's steamed taro cake recipe!
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Spinach and Bean Patties

Baked spinach and bean (chickpeas & kidney beans) patties! So healthy and yummy!

Baked miso salmon goes very well with those baked spinach bean patties! A perfectly healthy dinner!
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Avocado Macaron Cookies


I consider all of my work in the kitchen as experiments. I never quite know what the outcome will be. I made macaron for the 4th time and they failed. Nothing to be sad about because this is another opportunity to play around with more ideas and to create something new! So I wondered to myself and said "why not have a cookie with 2 layers? Top layer being neutral with avocado, and the bottom layer with the sweet almond crunch of the failed macaron?". Thinking no more, I ran with it and wa-lah! The end results were pretty good, one thing for sure, you won't get these in shops near you! :)
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I first tasted borscht or beet soup when I was living in Stockholm, made by a Finnish lady. It doesn't matter who made the borscht or where borscht originated from, all I care about is it's wonderful sweetness and interesting flavors of the soup! I decided to make some for myself today, I wish I had fresh beets so then the rich purple colour would show! Oh and if I can find smetana here in Canada, I wouldn't be using sour cream! Otherwise, it tasted good! :)
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Colourful Quiche


I made a chicken and bacon quiche today with no eggs nor milk! Instead, I used sour cream and cream for the filling. I think I still prefer the milk and eggs version, a lesson to me to always have eggs and milk on standby! But it was still very tasty and the crust was just perfect. :)
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